Therapy Management Software

Therapy management software simplifies insulin pump and CGM therapy by providing clear insights into your personal glucose patterns.


Therapy management software is a convenient online tool that brings together critical information from your insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and blood glucose meter.


Stay Connected


Between office visits, your healthcare provider can review your therapy management information remotely to make therapy adjustments when needed.


Better Control. Better Outcomes.


Therapy management software organizes information into reports, charts, and graphs making therapy adjustment faster, easier, and more precise.

  • A clinical study has shown that therapy management software users improved control (A1C) when compared to people using insulin pump therapy alone without therapy management software1

  • Therapy management software reports provide critical insight into overnight glucose patterns so you can avoid dangerous overnight lows and improve overnight control

  • Therapy management software helps take the guesswork out of eating by uncovering the effects of certain foods and portion sizes on blood glucose levels

  • Therapy management software serves as a virtual logbook so you can accurately track your blood glucose levels and can avoid forgetting to enter the information into a book when schedules are hectic


Therapy Management Software Reports


Therapy management software makes it easier to track your blood glucose and sensor glucose levels, and to compare any changes in those levels with your daily activities, such as meals and exercise routines. Charts and graphs allow you to see the changes graphically, while tables provide the actual numeric values.

Together, these charts, graphs, and tables help you and your healthcare provider discover patterns and problems more easily than with meter software and logbooks alone. By becoming familiar with therapy management software reports, you can take steps to better control your glucose levels.




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